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Case Study 2

Patient: Male, 55 years old

Case: Fractured wrist

Physiotherapy session: Post-surgery rehabilitation


Patient: Male, 55 years old

Case: Fractured wrist

Treatment Solution: Post-surgery rehabilitation, Manual therapy, Electrotherapy,


The patient was referred to our physiotherapist after wrist surgery to fix a fracture sustained from a fall. On his initial visit, it was observed that there was marked swelling in the wrist and hand, as well as limited movement.


Post-operative treatment comprised scar tissue and simple lymphatic drainage massages which resulted in significant reduction in swelling to the patient’s wrist and hand. Our therapist also introduced joint mobilization and progressive strengthening exercises, along with the use of electrotherapy – TENS electrodes were placed over his forearm muscles while performing specific exercises with adjustments made to the current to activate muscle contractions.


A home exercise programme was developed for the patient, that consisted of easy-to-do stretching and strengthening exercises. Within four weeks of rehabilitation, the patient could pursue his drone photography, and perfect the latte art for his morning coffee!

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