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Case Study 4

Updated: Apr 24

Patient: Female , 59 years old

Case: Frozen shoulder

Treatment Solution: Manual therapy, stretching exercises


Patient presented with pain over her right shoulder that had persisted over several months. She also reported a gradual reduction in the range of her right shoulder movement and hence decided to seek help.


A thorough shoulder and neck assessment was done to ensure that the pain was not referred by the neck and that the cause of her symptoms stemmed from the shoulder. It was also noted that the pain caused the patient to also avoid using her right arm in her daily activities due to a fear of worsening her shoulder pain.


To improve the mobility of her shoulder, a heat pack was applied to the affected area during the sessions, along with soft tissue massage and joint mobilization exercises. A home exercise programme was also developed for the patient to ensure that she maintained the mobility of the shoulder. Once the shoulder range of movement had improved and pain was reduced, strengthening exercises were then introduced to enable the patient to gradually return to her daily activities.

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