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Case Study 3

Patient: Female, 28 years old

Case: Relapse of constant lower back pain

Physiotherapy session: Manual Therapy and Clinical Pilates


Patient: Female, 28years old

Case: Relapse of constant lower back pain

Treatment Solution: Manual therapy, Clinical Pilates


The patient had undergone back surgery, but had suffered a relapse, which caused radiating pain down her left leg. She had started the initial consultation in tears, fearful, depressed, and concerned that she could not lead a normal life. During the consultation, MRI films were explained to the patient.


Treatment comprised manual therapy to help in easing muscle tension as well as stretches to facilitate the neutral alignment of the spine. Clinical Pilates exercises and movements, which focused on neural gliding, core and legs strengthening, were also carried out. With our physiotherapist’s constant reassurance and encouragement, the patient was able to benefit from the treatment and exercises.


The patient was given a home exercise programme which she followed closely. She gradually regained her confidence and was able to recover from the debilitating pain. She has successfully resumed her daily activities and has even gone hiking and sky diving!

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